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Our app-based training system helps you manage every aspect of your performance development on one single platform.

Strength Training

A highly specific strength training program that is adaptable to your daily needs and schedule.

Throwing Development

Utilizing specific throwing drills to alter your movement patterns and unlock your velocity.

Nutritional Guidance

Easy access, In-app nutrition tracking and feedback that aligns with your baseball goals.

1-to-1 Coaching Communication

Receive consistent feedback from your VeloU coach to maximize your daily training program.

I committed to my dream school, The University of Virginia. This wouldn't have happened without VeloU."  

Ben Schulman: University of Virginia Commit on Training with VeloU

When I first enrolled at VeloU, my dad and I were really excited that we had finally found a place that combined the aspects of lifting, pitching, mobility, and recovery all into one program. We were also excited to have a mentor that can talk about in-game situations on a high level and prepare for the mental aspect of the game.

With some added strength and increased mobility. I went from consistently throwing in the mid-seventies to now sitting 87 to 89.

"I went from 76mph to 97mph in two years."

Since joining VeloU, I've gained 60lbs and increased my throwing speed from 76-78 to 94-97 mph, now playing for the Tampa Bay Rays after being drafted in the '22 MLB Draft.

Gary Gill Hill
Tampa Bay Ray Prospect

"The only place I've trained from HS to the MLB"

Thanks to VeloU, I've seen a 10-fold increase in mental focus and improvements in mechanics, strength, pitch metrics, and velocity. Their support has been essential in getting me to the big leagues.

Joe La Sorsa
Washington Nationals

"VeloU has been pivotal in shaping my career"

Utilizing their precise tech driven assessments, we have been able to specifically structure and adapt my programs each year as I develop. With their guidance, I've boosted my average velocity by nearly 8 mph, reaching a milestone of 97 mph and setting a facility record with a 104.7 mph pulldown.

This past off-season we spent substantial time enhancing my pitching arsenal, leading to me being name Carolina Pitcher of the Year.

Aidan Curry
Texas Rangers Prospect

"VeloU is attentive to your growth"

I love VeloU's work ethic, very professional - they are attentive to your growth and to what needs to be done each day. They give you motivation every day to keep working hard, and the experience is really enjoyable. Above all, the staff is very good. VeloU is the best!

Yorlin Calderon
New York Yankees Prospect

"VeloU is by far the best decision I have made regarding baseball."

Joining Velo U in high school was the best decision for my baseball career. The program helped me improve every day, both on and off the field. With their support, I achieved my dream of becoming a professional baseball player. If you have big dreams, VeloU is the place to be.

Justin Sanchez
Texas Rangers

On-Site / Remote / At-Home

At the Facility or at the Field...

No matter where you are or when you want to train you have 24/7 access to easy to navigate training platform.

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