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1. Evaluate

To receive the best training, we need to learn as much about you as possible. This evaluation is our chance to learn the way you move, figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and see your mechanics for the first time. This step is crucial to your athletic development and will be extremely thorough.

2. Follow-Up Report

We will discuss our findings and provide you with an in-depth breakdown report for you to refer back to as you progress through our program.

3. VeloU Enrollment

Once enrolled into VeloU, you will immediately get access to our app and your program. Your customized throwing, strength, mobility, and arm care program will be ready for you to get started on right away. Even better? We adapt to you and your needs. Connect with our coaches through the app so we can adjust your programming to have you best prepared for games, showcases, tournaments, and more!
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James Raidt
Duke University

"Since starting, I've made strides both physically and mentally. "

Through the instruction of the coaching team, I have jumped from throwing mid to upper 80’s to now sitting 92-94 while topping 96 mph in a game. And working with Coach Nick, I can now prioritize what is important in order to be the best.

I have gone from weighing 170 with okay metrics to now being 190 with metrics that I never dreamed of. I am now attending Duke University and hope to take the knowledge that I have learned with me and apply it into ACC baseball.

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Dylan Vigue
University of Michigan

"Since joining as a remote athlete, I've improved my velocity, command, and overall health."

My velocity has increased from 88-91 T92/93 last year to 92-94 T95/96 this year. More importantly my arm and body have remained healthy.

Being a remote athlete at VeloU has been a successful experience due to the quick and educated responses of my remote coach and the overall clarity of the assigned workouts and drills.

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Aidan Curry
Texas Rangers - Top 30 Prospect

VeloU has helped me develop and take my game to the next level.

From the small things like experience information to the major points like mechanics and strength, VeloU has allowed me to broaden my perspective on pitching and becoming a great baseball player.

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Bobby Chiccoine
Boston College

“VeloU is where you make your closest friends and toughest competitors."

Everyone is striving for the same goal while the excellent and ambitious coaches do everything they can, to help you reach this goal. The competitiveness in the air pushes you to another level and excels your game forward while learning new ways to help improve your game.”

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Gio Colasante
Harvard University

"Making the decision to train at VeloU is the kind of change that you will remember for the rest of your career."

This is because it is likely the time when you begin a stream of taking actionable steps towards your goals.

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Jack Dickinson
Niagara University

"VeloU is by far the best decision I have made regarding baseball."

Everyone is scared to do remote training because they believe it is a waste of time. However I promise you VeloU makes it worthwhile.

I am a remote athlete and personally work with Coach Sam and couldn’t love it any more. The app to follow your scheduling is very accessible and Coach Sam has helped me significantly. Not only are the coaches at VeloU super intelligent but they want what’s best for all their players.

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Jimmy Keenan
St. John's University

“Coming to VeloU was one of the most impactful decisions I have made in my baseball career."

With the technology and measurements taken weekly, if not daily, at VeloU the guess work in training is cut out of the equation, so the athlete knows if they are getting the most out of their training. Most importantly, the coaches on staff develop relationships further than just in the gym or on the field, as they are there for the person first and athlete second.”

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Matt Canizares
University of Houston

"A great place to train and an even better environment to be in."

VeloU is a great place to train and an even better environment to be in. VeloU has the best coaches and equipment necessary for me to get better. It has great athletes and trainers that make up an unmatched culture to train and get better in. VeloU is adjusted to your needs and helps make tremendous strides for improvement.

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Michael Lombardi
Tulane University

"A great place to grow both on and off the field." 

When I first started, not only was I immature physically, but I also did not understand what it took day in and day out to reach my goals. Learning from the staff and the athletes around me about discipline and focus was crucial to my career. I would not be where I am today without that guidance. I am grateful to everyone involved for all the help I’ve received over the years, and the relationships I’ve built during my time at VeloU.

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Matt Queen
Pepperdine University

"VeloU is not just a gym. It’s a lifestyle."

I started going to VeloU in August of 2021. When I came for my initial eval I was topping 88 and sitting 81-84 after the first inning. I was also struggling with chronic back pain due to a herniated disc.

In just one off-season my back pain went away, my mechanics were much more efficient, and I was able to sit 89-93 for a whole game. Since training at VeloU I have assisted Poly Prep win 2 state championships in 2 years, pitched over 100 innings with little to no pain and earned a D1 scholarship.

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Joe La Sorsa
Washington Nationals

"Ever since the inception of VeloU I have progressed in every way imaginable."

I have seen myself increase from a mental standpoint 10 fold on breath, visualization, and routine. The coaches and staff there have implemented unique training formulas for me as soon as I report to them after each season. After baseline testing that we do year after year we have quantifiable data that shows how we have progressed in mechanical ranges of motion, strength aspects have increased, pitch metrics have increased, and above all, velocity has increased. Without Dr. Nicholas Serio and his supporting staff I would not have gotten to the big leagues without them.

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