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What Is a Remote Evaluation?

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How it works


An initial discovery call to understand who you are, where you are, and what it is we need to accomplish


We will then provide a precise evaluation specifically testing the most crucial attributes that will lead to the success you desire.


Cultivate limitless confidence by knowing you will dominate the competition

Since joining as a remote athlete, I've improved my velocity, command & overall health.

University of Michigan RHP on Training with VeloU

My velocity has increased from 88-91 T92/93 last year to 92-94 T95/96 this year. More importantly my arm and body have remained healthy.

Being a remote athlete at VeloU has been a successful experience due to the quick and educated responses of my remote coach and the overall clarity of the assigned workouts and drills.
Dylan Vigue

My velocity and pitch metrics increased significantly over my first year with VeloU Remote.

Tampa Bay Rays Prospect on VeloU Remote Training

VeloU remote is one of the best in the industry. I came into the program with very specific goals which the coaches attacked with every amount of enthusiasm you would expect from a coach who cares about you and your career. They are true difference makers.
Duncan Davitt

The remote evaluation was extremely thorough and helped me learn a lot.

Coach Sam followed up with me and dove deep into everything I had submitted. We talked about what my strengths were, what I was lacking, and exactly how he would approach training with me over the next year. Over my first 8 months, my velocity has gone from 87-88 to 94mph in game and controlling 4 pitches well. I finished my senior season with 104K’s and a .30ERA.
Hunter Colagrande, Stony Brook

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