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Before training with VeloU, I felt like I lacked the proper guidance to continue making improvements as a pitcher.

This was confirmed during my evaluation. The team tested me on different technology like Force Plates, Arm Care, Trackman and more where they helped me discover what needed work. With the unrivaled help of the VeloU staff, I have seen improvements in my strength, weight, and throwing velocity and am now up to 93, all while gaining a thorough understanding of how to keep my arm and body in optimal shape. The personal relationships I have developed with coaches and fellow players have positively impacted my experience.
Rob Gilchrest, Pace University

Since day 1 of my evaluation, I knew this was the perfect place to train.

During my evaluation the coaches outlined exactly what my next few years would look like from a training perspective. On top of that, the atmosphere is unlike any other and isn’t just supportive but it is also challenging.
Rafi White, High School Athlete

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