Payment Policies

Prior to committing to any of our offerings, please take the time to read through our payment policies. Any questions pertaining to these policies can be directed to team@velouniversity. Thank you!

SECTION 1: Service Agreements and Payments

Service Agreement:
    - Please note that 1-month commitments are on a reoccurring subscription. You can cancel anytime. However, late cancellations (ie. trying to cancel for the upcoming month after the payment has already been completed) will results in a transactional fee to cover the cost of the refund.
    - If you have registered for either a 3, 6, or 12 month training option service, this entitles you to a continuous training experience for the amount of months you have registered for.  Your service clock starts upon receipt of the first month's training, so please complete your Athlete Intake Process as soon as possible. Your coach will assist you with any questions you may have!

Continuous Programming:
    - We expect you to train with us in long term fashion to maximize your progress.  Yes, this includes in-season!  If it is logical for us to believe that training in the off-season is the way to achieve peak performance, then it would be illogical for us to believe that not continuing to train throughout the season would not likely result in decrements to peak performance.
    - We are under no obligation to freeze your account in the event you are unresponsive, not using the full service, or otherwise not meeting expectations. You are still monetarily obligated to your commitment even if you are not using the service.

Payment Structure:
    - We understand that this may be a financial challenge for many which is why we provide payment structures that may help to reduce some of the financial pressure of trying to achieve peak performance.

Billing Information:
   - I understand VeloU does NOT have access to my unique card information, but uses an encrypted platform to auto-bill my card.

Service Suspension:
    - Should any charge of my card fail due to insufficient funds, I agree to update my payment information and acknowledge that my services will be temporarily suspended until a successful payment process. My coach is NOT required to provide services in the interim time, and time lost will NOT be added onto the end of the plan.

SECTION 2: Injury /Illness Policy

   - We’ve established that throwing is perhaps one of the highest risk activities in sports. As such, we provide proactive programming to avoid injuries; however, they still prove unavoidable at times. This in mind, we possess significant experience successfully navigating the return-to-sport process. In the case that an injury results in missed training time, billing will continue on the scheduled cadence, and we will extend complimentary access for up to 30-days. Please be prepared to provide a physician’s note to qualify for this extension. It’s crucial to continue training through injuries with specific considerations in mind. This includes non-surgical and surgical interventions. You can read more about the physiological, neurological and psychology benefits here. (Eventually a link to an article discussing this).

SECTION 3: Cancellation Policy

    - When you commit to doing a coaching plan, this is a firm commitment to participate through for the full duration. Monthly payments are ‘installments’, much like a lease or car payment. Invalid reasons for canceling a plan are as follows: Team Permission, Injury, or Timing. Our staff is equipped to program for your evolving needs, specifically with these reasons in mind. If you wish to formally cancel your participation in one of our coaching plans, you will incur a cancellation fee.
     - Cancelling prior to the completion of your commitment will result in a payment of the (cost of monthly payment - discounted commitment cost) x number of months trained. The Cancellation Fee can act as a credit toward future programming blocks if an athlete returns for another phase of training.
      - I hereby agree to pay the full balance for the VeloU coaching plan I have purchased unless I opt for an early cancellation subject to the ‘cancellation policy’ outlined above. I understand my card will be auto-billed monthly on the same day each month of the original registration for the duration of the plan.