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All The Tools You Need To Throw Harder...

Our app based training system helps you manage every aspect of your performance development on one single platform.

Features Include:

Strength Training

Personalized strength development tailored to your unique needs

Throwing Development

Customized throwing drills, video feedback, and progress tracking for optimal development.

Nutritional Guidance

Track your macros, log your meals, and receive personalized feedback for optimal nutrition.

1-to-1 Coach Communication

Stay connected with real-time messaging, share videos and photos instantly.

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But why choose us?

Our app streamlines performance development by consolidating all aspects onto a singular platform for efficient management.

features included
  • Share video seamlessly in app
  • Full app based platform
  • Real time program adjustments
  • Training, nutrition, & throwing in one place
  • In app results tracking
Other Remote Training
Features not included :
  • Hard to navigate spreadsheets
  • Complicated video sharing process
  • Restrictive feedback opportunities
  • Cookie cutter program design
  • Having to hire multiple coaches to manage your training
    Guessing if you've improved

Communication is Key 🔑  

Our app-based training system helps you manage every aspect of your performance development on one single platform.
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Share Video & Progress With Ease

Share progress & performance video anytime and anywhere directly to your VeloU remote coach

24/7 Feedback & Guidance Whenever, Wherever

In-app communication feature allows you to provide real-time feedback to your VeloU remote coach before, during, & after your training session or game performance

Personalized Training Schedule

Communicate about upcoming games, showcases, and pro days with your VeloU remote coach so your program can be built to match your schedule
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Since joining as a remote athlete, I've improved my velocity, command & overall health.

University of Michigan RHP on Training with VeloU

My velocity has increased from 88-91 T92/93 last year to 92-94 T95/96 this year. More importantly my arm and body have remained healthy.

Being a remote athlete at VeloU has been a successful experience due to the quick and educated responses of my remote coach and the overall clarity of the assigned workouts and drills.
Dylan Vigue