Why I Chose VeloU - Marcel Kulik

Why I Chose VeloU - Marcel Kulik


My name is Marcel Kulik, currently 16 and in the 2024 class. When I first enrolled at VeloU, I lacked direction in throwing and pitching development, only throwing at 72 miles per hour without real off-speed pitches.

Early Progress and Mindset Shift

Initially, my goal was to earn playing time on J.V. baseball, and college baseball wasn't on my radar. However, through dedicated training, I made significant progress, increasing my velocity from 72 to 87 miles per hour over the summer. Understanding the "why" behind my training and actively participating in my development accelerated my progress.

Continued Growth and College Interest

After completing my second offseason, my velocity further improved, now topping at 93 miles per hour with excellent control. This caught the attention of high-level schools, demonstrating the ongoing process of improvement.


While progress takes time and effort, actively engaging with and understanding your VeloU training program can speed up your development. By taking ownership of your growth, you can achieve significant improvements.