#1 Recruiting Tool = Social Media???

#1 Recruiting Tool = Social Media???

1. Recruiting Tool = Social Media???

How We Are Leveraging Social Media to Help Our Athletes Get Recruited

Whether you are new to VeloU or have been a part of our system for a while, you are likely well aware of the impact of social media and what it has meant for our brand. In a world so cluttered with noise and brand-based bravado, social media has actually allowed us to demonstrate not only our deep allegiance towards education and continued learning but also the benefits of our program through the continued development of our athletes. Though social media has its clear drawbacks at times, this dichotomy has proven to be a necessary endeavor, as its benefits have reached far beyond brand development, becoming one of our most vital tools in aiding our athletes' career guidance as well.

Section 1: Recruiting Psychology

It’s all hypothetical.…

In the intricate dance of college baseball recruitment, the art of "creating allure" takes center stage, as weaving this narrative not only requires the athlete to showcase prowess on the field but to strategically introduce additional opportunities of exposure throughout the year, as the scarcity of poignant exposure and time constraints become a real issue for many athletes.

With the rules of the recruiting game and transfer portal in a constant state of flux, the ability to craft an image of standing out at an early stage in this process becomes paramount. Creating an aura of allure around a player at these early stages can pressure recruiting coordinators who fear missing out and solidify the starting point of an athlete's path to a successful career at the collegiate level.

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The dynamic nature of collegiate sports regulations introduces an element of scarcity to the recruitment process. A pitcher must navigate a landscape of constantly trying to stand out, potentially limiting their opportunities in front of the right coach, making each interaction with recruiters a precious commodity. By artfully positioning oneself as a sought-after talent, the pitcher not only elevates their perceived value but also leverages the time constraints. This temporal pressure adds a layer of complexity to the decision-making process, prompting recruiters to weigh their options within the constraints of time carefully.

In this environment, the opportunities for exposure become powerful currency. Every showcase, every game, and every interaction with recruiters carry heightened significance. The pitcher must strategically position themselves as a rising star whose desirability is rooted in talent and accentuated by the moment's urgency. As the sands of time continue to shift, the impact of these opportunities for exposure grows, emphasizing the need for a calculated and compelling allure.

In essence, the athlete must utilize the scarcity of exposure opportunities and time constraints to their advantage. One of the easiest ways to control this landscape is by making yourself available, relevant, and alluring when others are not as visible. This is where the power of social media can be released.

Section 2: The Power of 150k+ Eyes

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure….

In the evolving landscape of college baseball recruitment, the influence of social media has become a game-changer, particularly when an aspiring pitcher finds themselves in the spotlight of accounts boasting over 100 thousand subscribers. The impact is profound, creating a ripple effect that extends beyond the confines of traditional high-profile showcases. The magnitude of difference becomes striking when comparing athletes who leverage social media empowerment to those relying solely on periodic high-profile events.

For a recruited hopeful, the power of substantial social media exposure extends well beyond the immediate gratification of likes and shares. It serves as a virtual stage where talent is showcased, allowing for exposure to a vast audience that spans far beyond the confines of physical events. In contrast to athletes who may only be seen 3-5 times a year at high-profile showcases, those adept at harnessing the potential of social media find themselves in a unique position.

The key differentiator lies in the frequency and breadth of exposure. While high-profile showcases undoubtedly offer valuable opportunities for scouts and recruiters to witness talent firsthand, the athlete with a strong social media presence enjoys a continuous, year-round platform. By consistently sharing highlights, training regimens, and glimpses into their journey, these pitchers have the potential to be seen not just 3-5 times more but potentially 5x-10x more throughout the year.

This pre-hype, created and sustained through social media, goes beyond merely grabbing attention; it raises the level of allure. Before setting foot on the meticulously manicured fields of high-profile camps, the athlete has already established a reputation, cultivated a following, and ignited curiosity among a broad audience. The anticipation generated on social media becomes a powerful force, creating a buzz that transcends the confines of traditional scouting avenues.

It's crucial to note that high-profile showcases remain beneficial and offer invaluable opportunities for face-to-face interactions and in-depth evaluations. However, the strategic use of social media serves as a prelude, setting the stage for a more impactful and receptive audience at these events. The allure that is cultivated beforehand, through the expansive reach of social media, ensures that when the spotlight intensifies on the showcase field, there's a captivated audience already invested in the narrative of the pitcher.

In essence, social media transforms the recruiting process into a dynamic narrative that unfolds not only on the field but in the digital realm. This is where VeloU has stepped in and helped so many of our athletes by becoming their storytellers, weaving a compelling narrative that captures the attention of recruiters and potentially even professional scouts. VeloU boasts well over 150k between our social media platforms. When you combine the social media collaborations we have showcased our athletes in, you can get that number well over a million eyes of potential viewing. While these camps and showcases are crucial to the recruiting process, not one of them can hold a candle to the frequency and magnitude of exposure our social media presence can provide.

Section 3: The Gary Gill Hill Story

Unknown to 6th Round in a Year

Gary Gill-Hill's journey from a scarcely recruited college baseball player to being selected by the Tampa Bay Rays in the 6th round of the 2022 MLB Draft is a testament to the transformative influence of social media. Just eight months prior, Gary was navigating a landscape with a solitary collegiate offer, hardly registering on the radar of college recruiters, let alone professional scouts.

The off-season of 2021 emerged as a turning point, marked by an extraordinary narrative of exposure that unfolded in tandem with our expanding social media presence. As Gary became a recurring feature in videos, Twitter posts, and blog articles, the trajectory of his visibility followed an upward and linear ascent. The more he was showcased, the more interest in him swelled, creating a groundswell of attention.

By late fall 2021, the surge in interest was so overwhelming that it prompted Gary to make a pivotal decision. He decommitted from his initial collegiate commitment and embraced an offer to play at the University of Wake Forest. The off-season's momentum spilled into the new year, setting the stage for an exceptional 2022. However, 2022 would bring with it a new landscape, as it was no longer solely college recruiters knocking on our digital doors; professional scouts sought daily access to our facility, eager for the chance to witness Gary's remarkable talents. Our DM’s and inboxes were becoming overwhelmed by college and professional recruiters as his allure was exploding.

The zenith of Gary's allure and exposure reached unprecedented heights by early July 2022. The surge in attention was so profound that he opted to forego the collegiate path altogether, entering the illustrious realm of professional baseball through his selection in the 2022 MLB Draft.

It's crucial to recognize that while Gary's talent is exceptional, his ascent from relative obscurity in the northeast to a 6th-round draft pick was propelled by the amplifying effect of social media. Our platforms served as a catalyst for transforming an unknown talent into a highly regarded prospect. Despite the drawbacks associated with social media, Gary's story underscores its undeniable power to change lives and reshape the trajectory of aspiring athletes in profound ways.