What is VeloU?

What is VeloU?

VeloU: Elite Baseball Training Program

VeloU is an elite baseball training program located within Athletes Warehouse in Pleasantville, NY. Founded to provide baseball athletes with a comprehensive approach to performance training, VeloU specializes in developing the skills and techniques necessary to excel on the diamond.

Comprehensive Approach to Performance Training

The program combines advanced throwing mechanics training with a specialized strength and conditioning program, designed to build explosive power and speed, enhance arm strength, and reduce the risk of injury. With a team of experienced coaches and trainers, VeloU provides athletes with a personalized and results-driven approach to training, aimed at helping them achieve their full potential on the field.

Components of the VeloU Program

Throughout the article, you can expect to learn about the different components of the VeloU program, including its advanced throwing mechanics training, specialized strength and conditioning program, and use of video analysis to improve performance. Whether you are a seasoned baseball player looking to take your performance to the next level or a newcomer to the sport seeking to improve your skills, this article will provide valuable insights into the VeloU program and what you can expect as a participant. By the end of the article, readers should have a clear understanding of the program's unique features and how it can help athletes achieve their full potential on the field.

Throwing and Lifting Programs

The training philosophy at VeloU is designed to meet the full needs of the baseball athlete, incorporating both throwing and lifting programs to help athletes perform at their best and avoid the risk of overtraining. The throwing program at VeloU focuses on developing proper throwing mechanics, arm strength, and endurance, while also minimizing the risk of injury. This is achieved through a combination of arm care testing and monitoring, throwing drills, and video analysis to help athletes refine their technique and identify areas for improvement. The lifting program at VeloU is designed to complement the throwing program and help athletes build strength, power, and explosiveness. It is tailored to the specific needs of baseball players and includes exercises that target the muscles used in throwing, hitting, fielding, and sprinting.

In-Depth Evaluation and Video Analysis

How would this program fit your needs? It starts with an in-depth evaluation of each athlete. While most evaluations look to emphasize negative aspects of your performance, we look to highlight what you do well and how we can translate that towards improving performance. While there will always be something that needs to improve, whether it's through strength training or throwing development, we will uncover exactly what you need to do to maximize your potential. One of the most invaluable tools of our program is the video analysis of each athlete.

Benefits of Video Analysis

Video analysis is a highly effective technique used by coaches and trainers to evaluate an athlete's performance and make targeted improvements. In the context of baseball training, video analysis is particularly useful for evaluating throwing mechanics, which require precise coordination of multiple body parts to execute effectively. By filming an athlete's throwing motion from multiple angles, coaches and trainers can identify areas of weakness or inefficiency in the athlete's technique, such as an inefficient lower half, torso, arm action, or release. One of the key advantages of using video analysis is that it allows athletes to see themselves from a different perspective, which can help them better understand their mechanics and identify areas for improvement. This is especially important for the throwing motion, which happens very quickly and can be difficult to assess in real time. Coaches work closely with athletes to identify specific areas for improvement and develop targeted drills and exercises to help them make progress. By incorporating video analysis into its training program, Velo U can provide athletes with a highly effective tool for improving their throwing mechanics and taking their performance to the next level.

Integration of Strength Training and Throwing Development

The strength training program at VeloU is designed to be integrated with the throwing program, to ensure that athletes progress at the same rate in both areas. This is accomplished by closely monitoring the athlete's progress in both areas, including intensity and volume, to ensure that they are progressing at a healthy rate without risking overtraining or injury. By monitoring both the athlete's strength training and throwing development, coaches and trainers at VeloU can better understand the athlete's current status in terms of arm health and recovery. This allows them to make informed decisions about how to adjust the athlete's training program to optimize their performance while minimizing the risk of injury.

Performance Testing and Collaboration

In addition to monitoring progress in the weight room and during throwing development, VeloU also conducts recurring performance testing to ensure that athletes are making progress in every manner possible. These tests include force plate testing, broad jumps, sprinting, Arm Care™, Trackman™, etc., and are designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the athlete's overall performance. By combining a structured strength training program with a comprehensive throwing development program and regular performance testing, VeloU can provide baseball athletes with a well-rounded approach to performance training that can help them reach their full potential on the field.

Collaborative and Supportive Environment

A significant portion of the VeloU program is group-oriented and requires athletes to develop a level of self-sufficiency. This not only encourages athletes to take ownership of their development but also allows them to learn from and support each other in a collaborative and motivating environment. While group training is a key component of the VeloU program, the coaches and trainers also work to develop close relationships with each athlete. This involves building trust and facilitating open communication so that athletes feel comfortable sharing their goals, concerns, and feedback. By maintaining this close relationship with each athlete, coaches, and trainers can make changes to their programs that are tailored to their individual needs and help them achieve the best opportunities for success.


Ultimately, the philosophy at VeloU is grounded in the belief that education, autonomy, and collaboration are essential for athletic development. By providing athletes with the knowledge and support they need to take control of their development, VeloU can help them achieve their full potential on the field. Overall, the VeloU program provides a personalized and results-driven approach to training, aimed at helping baseball athletes achieve their full potential on the field. Whether you are a seasoned player looking to improve your skills or a newcomer to the sport seeking to develop a strong foundation, VeloU at Athletes Warehouse is a program that can help take your game to the next level.