Remote Athlete Dylan Vigue Unlocks Velocity: From 88-91 to 95-96 as a Freshman Phenom

Remote Athlete Dylan Vigue Unlocks Velocity: From 88-91 to 95-96 as a Freshman Phenom


When I first teamed up with Dylan Vigue, he was a high school senior throwing in the 88-91 mph range. While his power arm showcased promise, there were mechanical hurdles to overcome, particularly with his lower half.

Initial Focus: Mechanical Adjustments

Our initial focus was on teaching Dylan to hold tension at his back hip, steering away from jumping and hip extension down the mound. It was evident that Dylan's lower half lacked contribution, leading to a few complications. One of these challenges was related to strength – despite his remarkable athleticism and power, he lacked true strength. The roadmap was clear: learn hip tension, refine rotation, and bolster strength in the weight room.

Dylan Vigue Pitching for Michigan | Photo credit Michigan Athletics

Mechanical Drills:

To address these mechanical challenges, we implemented various drills like the K drill and Janitor throws using VeloU Rewire Balls. We also incorporated pelvic and foundational patterning using water balls and core velocity belts. The outcome was a significant improvement, with Dylan now clocking in at 91-93 mph.

Unintended Challenge:

However, in the process of resolving these issues, a new challenge emerged – Dylan was inadvertently sacrificing momentum, leading to a lack of drift or early momentum down the mound.

Arm Care Revelation:

An intriguing aspect unfolded during this phase. Dylan's introduction to our training revealed alarmingly low arm care numbers, both external and internal rotation being below 15% of his body weight. Recognizing the importance of arm health, Dylan invested in an arm care unit, resulting in a remarkable 10-15% improvement in his scores.

Focus on Momentum:

As we delved deeper into Dylan's development, we shifted our focus to momentum-based drills. Striking a delicate balance between holding tension and creating momentum became the key challenge. Surprisingly, by incorporating drills that initially seemed counterintuitive, we enhanced Dylan's ability to generate momentum.

Breakthrough Moment:

Credit is due to Dylan for embracing these changes. His dedication paid off, with him consistently hitting 92-94 mph throughout the summer. Then came the text "Just hit 96 three times."

College Success:

Dylan's success extended into the fall at Michigan, positioning himself as a potential weekend starter as a freshman. As we navigate through January, our focus is on refining his timing and cultivating patience with his torso. The primary goal remains ensuring optimal arm care numbers to navigate a demanding college season successfully.


Dylan Vigue is more than just a rare athlete; he is a dedicated craftsman, willing to go the extra mile for success. His competitiveness in the batter's box hints at a bright future. It's a name you'll want to remember.