Optimizing In-Season Training: A Comprehensive Approach

Optimizing In-Season Training: A Comprehensive Approach

Optimizing In-Season Training: A Comprehensive Approach

Having structure is a cornerstone of successful training programs. It eliminates confusion, allowing athletes to focus solely on their training without distractions. At our facility, we've meticulously organized our plans into three distinct sections: throwing plans, arm care plans, and lifting plans. Each section is tailored to serve a specific purpose while catering to individual needs.

Throwing Plans: Precision and Performance

Game Day Routine:  

On game day, we kickstart with a plyometric warm-up, incorporating drill patterns tailored to each athlete's needs. This is followed by an athletic drill series using a baseball to engage dynamic movement patterns. We then transition into catch play with long toss, culminating in the pregame bullpen session.

Pre-Game Preparation:  

The day before a game is crucial for readiness. We tailor this day to be lighter throwing-wise, incorporating activities that athletes find effective in preparing for competition. Options range from a lighter plyometric day to extended catch play or focused drill sessions.

Mid-Week Bullpen:  

Many of our athletes prefer a mid-week bullpen session to refine their skills before game day. These sessions, scheduled 2-4 days prior to the game, mirror the game day setup to ensure consistency and readiness.

Bryan Chi plays catch at Spring Training

Post-Game Recovery: 

Recovery is prioritized the day after a bullpen or game day. Athletes can opt for no throwing, light catch with a football, or gentle catch play with a baseball, providing autonomy within set parameters.

Focus Day:  

A dedicated day is reserved for addressing specific deficiencies observed in video analysis from previous outings. This session incorporates targeted drills with plyometrics or baseball throws to address identified areas for improvement.

Flexibility and Comfort: 

Our throwing plans are designed to manage arm load effectively while providing room for individual adjustments. We prioritize comfort and confidence on the mound, allowing athletes to embrace routines that enhance their performance.

Arm Care Plans: Nurturing Arm Health

Gary Gill Hill tests ArmCare

Matching Intensity: 

High-intensity arm care routines are synchronized with game days or bullpen sessions to support optimal performance.

Routine Details: 

These routines integrate band work and crawling exercises to promote blood circulation throughout the arms and upper body. The day before high-intensity throwing involves isometric and primer-based routines to prepare the muscles for maximal performance.


Each athlete's unique needs are addressed, with a dedicated day focused on remedying individual deficiencies.

Further Information:  

For detailed insights into our arm care approach, including testing, management, and programming, refer to our dedicated arm care article [Link to Arm Care Article].

Lifting Plans: Strengthening for Success

Intensity Matching:

Days with high-intensity throwing are paired with heavier lifting sessions to maintain offseason strength gains.


These sessions prioritize compound movements with low volume to stimulate muscle without inducing excessive fatigue.

Recovery Emphasis:  

Post-high-intensity throwing sessions, emphasis is placed on promoting blood flow to aid in recovery.

Preparation Techniques:  

Primer-based workouts, pairing overcoming isometrics with plyometric exercises, prepare athletes for optimal performance.

Example Routine:

A typical routine may include an overcoming isometric pin squat paired with a repeat broad jump, optimizing muscle activation and explosiveness.

Focus on Improvement:

The final outstanding day targets individual deficiencies, fostering continuous improvement while maintaining performance levels.

Purposeful Workouts:

In-season workouts are tailored to specific objectives, emphasizing performance maintenance rather than growth.

Summary: Maximizing Performance Safely

The primary goal of our in-season program is to prepare athletes for peak performance on the field. While addressing deficiencies is crucial, the focus remains on managing overall load effectively. Our structured approach aims to maintain gains from the offseason, preserve health, and ensure athletes are primed for competitive success without succumbing to excessive fatigue over the course of the season.