Is VeloU Just For Pitchers?

Is VeloU Just For Pitchers?

Is VeloU Only for Pitchers?

A common question we receive is, "Your throwing program is called VeloU, does that mean it is just for pitchers?" The answer is, absolutely not. We can completely understand why you would feel that way, because when you hear phrases like throwing velocity and arm health, you immediately think pitching. VeloU is a throwing development program for baseball players. Our throwing approach is to teach the fundamentals of creating momentum during throwing and then later apply those skills to whatever position you play. This program is not just for pitchers but also for position players and catchers.

Importance of Throwing Velocity for All Positions

Throwing velocity is an important metric in the game of baseball, regardless of your position. For pitchers, we focus on velocity off the mound, but we also consider other metrics such as outfield throws or throws across the diamond. Throwing hard is a skill that requires a highly coordinated sequence of movements to produce force efficiently and repetitively. Efficiency of movement is vital to the success of athletes in a sport that requires high volumes of movement at maximum intensity.

Fundamentals of Throwing Mechanics

Before separating players by position, we emphasize the fundamentals of throwing mechanics that we want every athlete to understand. Our goal is to reduce energy leaks and inefficiencies in their throwing mechanics. Regardless of position, everyone starts our program by learning the basics and progresses through drills based on their individual ability. We also conduct recurring shoulder testing to ensure that each player is developing the necessary strength to maintain velocity and arm health.

Position-Specific Training

Once athletes have mastered the fundamentals, their training becomes more specific to their position on the field. Pitchers generally have a longer throwing motion as they control the tempo of the game. Position players and catchers, on the other hand, have to respond to various scenarios in the game, requiring a more compact and fast throwing approach. We tailor the drills and exercises to each position, incorporating game-like scenarios and increasing momentum during throwing. Our aim is to prepare all players with the capacity to self-organize, regardless of position, speed of movement, or game situation.

In summary, VeloU is not just for pitchers. It is a throwing development program for all baseball players. The program is tailored to each position player and catcher, taking into account the different throwing mechanics required for each position. If you're looking to improve your throwing velocity and arm health, VeloU can help you achieve your goals, no matter what position you play.