In-Season Training: Pro Baseball Players Share Their Winning Strategies

In-Season Training: Pro Baseball Players Share Their Winning Strategies

As the baseball season approaches, the focus shifts to the critical element of in-season training. We've reached out to MLB and MiLB players to get a raw and authentic look at how these pros approach staying at the top of their game during the season. Here's a glimpse into the minds of these athletes and the importance they place on in-season training.

Insights from the Pros

1. Gary Gill Hill - Tampa Bay Rays Prospect

Gary stresses the need to keep intensity high throughout the season. His commitment is evident in a rigorous training schedule—six days a week in-season, with focused sessions two to three times a week.

Gary Gill Hill Strikes a Batter Out

2. Eric Yost - San Diego Padres Prospect

Eric takes no days off when it comes to in-season training. Lifting weights every day is his approach to meet the demanding nature of professional baseball and consistently push his physical limits.

Eric Yost delivers a pitch

3. Adrian Rodriguez - Texas Rangers Prospect

Adrian highlights the repetitive nature of in-season training for long-term success. His daily training routine aims to solidify habits that contribute to sustained performance during the season.

4. Joe La Sorsa - Washington Nationals MLB Pitcher

Joe La Sorsa, a MLB pitcher with the Washington Nationals, provides a candid insight into his in-season training routine. When asked about how often he trains during the season, Joe's response is direct and to the point: "Every #*@^ day. You got to be." This commitment underscores the rigorous demands and dedication required to excel at the professional level. Thank you, Joe, for sharing your straightforward perspective on the daily grind of in-season training.

5. Mike Hernandez - Former Strength & Conditioning Coach, Boston Red Sox Organization

Mike stresses the regret players may feel for neglecting in-season training. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent routine, focusing on lifting twice a week to keep players in peak condition.

6. Justin Sanchez - Texas Rangers Prospect

Justin recognizes the crucial nature of in-season training, describing it as a pivotal component of a player's routine. His personal training regimen involves five to six sessions per week currently, transitioning to a focused two-day-a-week lifting schedule during the season.

Justin Sanchez delivers a pitch

The Takeaways

Consistency Wins

Whether it's Gary Gill Hill's relentless six-day training or Eric Yost's daily lifting, the common theme is consistency. These pros understand the importance of sticking to a routine.

Repetition for Success

Adrian Rodriguez emphasizes the role of repetition in establishing successful habits. Training daily helps players ingrain the behaviors that contribute to sustained success throughout the season.

Strategy Matters

Mike Hernandez, drawing from his coaching experience, highlights the strategic importance of in-season training. A well-thought-out plan can make a significant difference in a player's performance.

Tailoring Training to the Season

Justin Sanchez sheds light on the transition from an intensive off-season routine to a focused in-season approach. Adapting training to the specific demands of the season is key for long-term success.

Your Winning Season Starts Here

As you gear up for the baseball season, take inspiration from these pros. Consider the lessons of consistency, repetition, and strategic planning as you craft your in-season training approach.

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