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What is included in VeloU Remote Training?

Coach Sam Byrns breaks it down ⬇️ ⬇️

How does it work?


1. Evaluate

To receive the best training, we need to learn as much about you as possible. This evaluation is our chance to learn the way you move, figure out your strength and weakness's, and see your mechanics for the first time. This step is CRUCIAL to your athletic development and will be extremely thorough. 

2. Follow Up Report

A 1-on-1 call with a VeloU coach to review your evaluation results. We will discuss our findings and provide you with an in-depth breakdown report for you to refer back to as you progress.

3. VeloU Enrollment

Once enrolled into VeloU Remote Training, you will immediately get access to our app and your program. Your customized throwing, strength, mobility, and arm care program will be ready for you to get started right away. Even better? We adapt to YOU and your needs. Connect with our coaches through the app so we can adjust your programming to have you best prepared for games, showcases, tournaments and more!

New Custom Plans for you Every Week

Weekly Updates
Built to your busy schedule
Primed and prepared for game days
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"My velocity has increased from 88-91 T92/93 last year to 92-94 T95/96 mph this year. More importantly my arm and body have remained healthy."

Dylan Vigue - Remote Athlete
University of Michigan

"The app to follow your scheduling is very accessible and Coach Sam has helped me significantly. Not only are the coaches at VeloU super intelligent but they want what’s best for all their players. If you want to throw harder and be better, VeloU is the place to be."

Jack Dickinson - Remote Athlete

Niagara Baseball Commit

From 68 to 93mph in a year and a half

Watch Marcel's story NOW ⬇️ ⬇️

Unlimited Video Analysis

Full Mechanical Breakdowns
Encouraged to send constant video
Learn, adjust, implemement

College Baseball Players

We have assisted over 450 athletes make their dream come true of becoming a college baseball player.


Professional Athletes

Multiple MLB debuts in 2023 alone.



No matter where you are located, we will help you imprive.

Frequently asked questions

We get these a lot 😉
What age is remote training for?
Typically VeloU Remote Training is best fit to start at age 13.
How much does remote training cost?
After your FREE call with a coach, you will be advised to book your initial evaluation. The evaluation is valued at $500 but on this page, you can utilize our $100 offer. Post evaluation, there are 4 enrollment options.
Can you gaurentee results?
Simply put, yes... but that's also on you. We can give you every drill, life, stretch, secret, tip and trick under the sun, but if you aren't willing to implement our coaching to the fullest extent... then your results will be limited.
Who is this not for?
Those who are not dedicated to improving their performance. If you are going to simply coast through this, we are not the best fit.
Does this work for position players?
100% yes! About 50% of all VeloU members are actually position players!
Who is this system designed for?
Any high-school, college, or professional baseball player that is looking to take control of their career and improve their baseball performance through strategic and customized training.
How is this different from every other training I've tried?
What really makes our program different is that it is constantly adapting and evolving based on updated video and conversation with your remote coach. It is our job to continue to learn as much about you as possible as time goes on and continuously update your program based on your needs.
Can I change my plan later?
Of course. Our pricing is adaptable to your busy and unpredictable schedule. Just reach out to
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change. Shoot a email over to and we will get it sorted out in no time.
Why should I trust you?
Having helped over 450+ high-school athletes get to play at the college level, and trained over 50 professional athletes in just the past three years, we are excited to add you to the list.
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